Indoor navigation for the visually impaired

See how our app arms individuals with confidence in complex environments

Most Venues are complicated for the visually impaired

Overloaded information for sighted people is not accessible to a visually impaired in an indoor space.

The LOUD STEPS app provides the visually impaired with indoor exploring & steering capabilities by bringing together venue maps, radio signals, and unique navigation.

We make venues more accesible & safe

By opening up their venues for LOUD STEPS mapping and signal collection, the following customers assist the visually impaired with recognition of their surroundings as well as efficient guidance to exits in case of an emergency:




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Built for the partially sighted, blind, and hearing impaired, LOUD STEPS provides step by step directions to points of interest.

Extended Listings

The app holds detailed information about specific points of interest such as hours of operation, for example.

Audio & Visual Support

LOUD STEPS provides voice to text search and voice guidance

Space Discovery

App users can receive announcements about their environment by pointing the mobile device in a specific direction


Loud Steps is shaped
by our Community.

All around the world, several non-profit organizations for visually impaired people are supporting us to develop Loud Steps.

  • We provide them the infrastructure.
  • They send their feedback accordingly.
  • We implement their requests.

That's why, Loud Steps is becoming a solution for visually impaired people worldwide.

  • [Loud Steps] is using innovative approaches to provide nonvisual access to environmental information in creative ways.

    Anil Lewis
    LOUD STEPS Collaborator

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